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Waldfrieden Wonderland 2016


Twenty years ago in a small valley right at the Stemwede mountain we discovered the gates to Wonderland. We have been digging this rabbit hole deeper and deeper ever since. Every summer in the middle of the woods in-between trees and mushrooms, caterpillars and centipedes the valley transforms into a fairytale forest where everything is possible. Here we have spent many unforgettable days and nights and there are always new things to discover. After all these experiences we want to celebrate the forest properly at our anniversary. On four dancefloors all genres of psychedelic music are played. Countless live acts and DJs, artists and shamans will gather and make our twentieth anniversary a truly unique Wonderland!

Line Up
Decoration & Visuals
Healing Area & Workshops
Chill Out Area
Forest law


Waldfrieden Events, Bergstraße 32, 32351 Stemwede – Wehdem


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