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Waldfrieden Wonderland 2018

Wonderland 2018 was beautiful! We are so grateful that we were able to experience and celebrate this wonderful festival together with you in the forest for the 22nd time. Thank you for being there! 💚
Herman the Owl made the Main Floor shine in a whole new light. The Hill Top Floor, which after two years has now also got its own bar, is still a great musical enrichment. We also find it especially nice that the program in the Chill Out, the workshops and in the Healing Area have grown over the years. Here there are various possibilities to make new and enriching experiences of most different kinds. We are very happy to meet so many open and curious people there!
The Wonderland was almost sold out and security and medics still didn’t have much to do. What we have noticed again and again in recent years, however, is that some of the visitors seem to see the festival first and foremost as an opportunity to consume as much as possible of everything they can get a hand on and forget the world around them to their battle cry “Ballern!”. We can’t and won’t tell anyone how to party, but we’d like to remind a few of you to take better care of yourselves and be responsible with yourselves. We still think that Psytrance Festivals shouldn’t be about pure entertainment or escaping from reality, but that our events also show alternatives to life “out there” and that the people who take part in them take along experiences that benefit them in everyday life. Our festivals should be fun, but also an opportunity to develop new consciousness and not to knock oneself out to unconsciousness. Be it through encounters with the most diverse people, through music, art and spirituality or a sustainable approach to nature and its resources.
With this in mind, we are already looking forward to the 2019 festival season! If you can’t wait any longer, come to this years last 24H Summer Special Party on Saturday. If you lost anything, please contact by the 30th of September, after this day most things will be donated and valuables handed over to the local lost property office. Have fun with the beautiful pictures of Katalin Siever and Yannick Kroll. The aftermovie will come in a few weeks. May the forest be with you! 🌲🍄

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